Najaam Lee


Najaam Lee is one of the most sought after forces in art & fashion today.

Born in Toronto, Canada, and raised around the world, exposed her to many cultures, lifestyles, art and fashion, from a very young age. At the age of 15 months old, she was diagnosed with Sickle cell Anaemia (SS) and began a lifestyle of being in and out the hospital most of her life, suffering from excruciating pain, surgeries, and dealing with discrimination based on having this disease. Yet her will and ambitious determination, has pushed many boundaries and launched her career as a model, artist, creative writer and image consultant which has given her a platform in the fashion and entertainment industry, and a voice to spread awareness about Sickle Cell.

Najaam is the owner of NL ART & HEALING, . She is the author of Discovering Your Fit. She is currently working on a art-show called PAIN, which she will be debuting this year along with a Performance Art piece. This show is to bring much needed awareness through an abstract presentation of what it is to live with PAIN. Ms. Lee also speaks at seminars, charity events, schools, sharing her story.

To follow more on Najaam Lee, please visit:


Najaam Lee has worked on some of the following:

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Couture Fashion Week

Bravo TV


RAW Artists

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