Cassandra Trimnell

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As Founder and President of Sickle Cell 101, Cassandra is an active educator and advocate within the sickle cell community. Her passion for sickle cell stems directly from her living with the disease, hgb SS. Cassandra received a B.A. in Global Studies: Social, Political, and Economic Development from Sonoma State University.

In 2014, Cassandra received her sickle cell education certificate, issued by the Department of Public Health. Cassandra is responsible for developing and creating the educational material and curriculum presented by Sickle Cell 101.

As a sickle cell educator, Cassandra provides education and awareness through social media. She has created a curriculum that targets all education levels, making it easy to learn about sickle cell (trait and disease). Sickle Cell 101’s primary mission is to educate about sickle cell, while raising awareness to the general public and within sickle cell community. Information presented by SC101 includes:

  • general facts about sickle cell
  • genetics, probabilities, and statistics
  • defining relevant terminology
  • health tips on managing the disease
  • sickle cell news and medical advancements
  • and everything in between

Sickle Cell 101 also promotes community engagement and encourage follower interaction, so that those affected by sickle cell have a platform to connect. SC101’s social media outlets include: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and a monthly newsletter. Sickle Cell 101 also annually hosts the Sickle Cell Advocate of the Year Award, which recognized members within the sickle cell community and their achievements.

Other education platforms include community settings such as: Continuing Education Unit trainings for healthcare professionals, health fairs, sickle cell camp kids and teens, and events. Cassandra also volunteers for various sickle cell organizations.

Please visit: to learn more about sickle cell and to access Sickle Cell 101’s social media pages.

To contact Cassandra please email her at:

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