Thank You for Your Dedication and Support!

SOSObama Thank You (3)

Thank you so much for every tweet, re-tweet, post you brought to this amazing Twitter campaign, which you helped to spread sickle cell awareness to over 21 countries including the United States.
Your simple tweet even reached the President of the United States and several senators aware of this online campaign, which got other countries checking out the campaign, sparking more interest into sickle cell.
With this attention, we cannot stop. Please continue spreading sickle cell awareness in your communities and local state. Reach out and introduce yourself to your local senators and tell them about sickle cell.
We have much more work to do, but we wanted to reach out to you and let you know we appreciate you for taking part in the #SpeakOnSickleCellObama Twitter Campaign .
Love and light we send you and your family,
S.O.S. Committee – Najaam Lee, T.J. Brown, and Cassandra Trimnell

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